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The world’s brightest minds collaborate in a 72h non-profit online hackathon to fight the COVID-19 crisis.


About the Initiative

Create solutions to address COVID19 Challenges!

This is an initiative under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) and the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA).

COVID-19 has developed into a global crisis in recent weeks. Dozens of countries are currently facing similar challenges. And time is critical. HackZurich, with one of the world's largest network of international technology specialists, is able to mobilize a large number of experts within a very short time. A global challenge requires global solutions and therefore needs collaboration between a wide range of different actors.

We activate the collaborative brain, knowledge, and capacity of several thousand technology enthusiasts, researchers, creative minds and experts to solve the biggest challenges regarding COVID-19.

We unite the brightest minds in a 72h online hackathon, enable them with mentors, subject matter experts, data sources and an international network of partners. The goal of this 72h nonprofit online hackathon is to develop open-source prototypes, which contribute to solving the most pressing challenges in the current crisis. We want to build on existing solutions and technologies to prevent duplications and want to enable a sustainable impact after the hackathon to take projects to the next level and implement them for our daily life and work. 



Timezone: Central European Time (CET)

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Friday,  4 pm

Deadline to sign up

Your last chance to sign up for #CodeVsCOVID19

Friday, 5 pm

Opening Ceremony

We share all the important information and get you ready to start with prototyping.

Friday, 9-11 pm

Friday Night Music

Enjoy some live music in collaboration with our partner 20min.ch

Saturday, 9-9.10 am


Jacqueline Keller from Federleicht Coaching

Saturday, 12-12.15 pm


Nicole Steiner from mind-in.studio

Saturday, all day

Mentor Sessions
Project Updates

Besides working hard, we want you to enjoy various experiences.

Saturday, 5-5.30 pm

Interviews with Experts, Mentors, Partners

Tanya König from CNN Money Switzerland

Saturday, starting 7pm

Saturday Night Music

Tune in the live stream of the concert of our media partner Swiss Radio and Television SRF

Sunday, 9-9.10 am


Jacqueline Keller from Federleicht Coaching

Sunday all day

Mentor Sessions
Project Updates

Besides working hard, we want you to enjoy various experiences.

Sunday, 12-12.15 pm

Movement Session

Catherine from Metimeyoga

Sunday, 5-5.30 pm

Interviews with Experts, Mentors, Partners

Tanya König from CNN Money Switzerland

Monday, 9-9.10 am


Jacqueline Keller from Federleicht Coaching

Monday all day

Mentor Sessions
Project Updates

Besides working hard, we want you to enjoy various experiences.

Monday, 12-12.15 pm

Movement Session

Stretch your neck & shoulders and re-energize for the remaining hours with Kira Leuthold from Yoga with Kira

Monday, 5 pm CET

Project Submission Deadline

Please submit your project on Devpost.

Monday, 5 pm

Public Voting starts

Our community votes for the best projects until Tuesday, 5 pm.

Tuesday, 5 pm

Community Voting Ends

Schedule Item Body

Tuesday, 5.30 pm

Announcement of the Winners

Please take a look at the projects here: https://codevscovid19.devpost.com/submissions

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  • Novel methods of infection detection

  • Data analysis, data visualization, public relations and development for the fight against COVID-19 outbreak

  • Support for global resource balancing for hospitals, materials, storage, logistics, scheduling, personnel (e.g. Rent a Team, ..)

  • Leverage microphones already available on a common smartphone, to pre-screen potential cases of COVID-19

  • Using surveillance cameras, determine whether the distance between people is being maintained and trigger an acoustic signal if not

  • Creation of apps, videos, designs, information graphs for assistance in rescue and disaster relief

First Aid

  • Development of applications for first aid, detection plan, (GPS) activity history analysis, public transport, WiFi hotspot tracking

  • Landing page to enable triage between ambulatory patients and medical centers based on anonymized patient data in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministeries (BAG) to increase the feeling of safety among patients

  • Simultaneous translation tools for foreign-language patients with medical vocabulary, also applicable by phone

  • A tool with real-time information on protective material for medical practices: automated consumption recording and consumption forecasts for the targeted purchase of differentiated and needs-based orders


  • Development of solutions for online and offline collaboration management of employees in order to continue to ensure the economic power

  • Tools to ensure social life (especially for elderly people(e.g. 'phone-friendships', online chats, ...))

  • Tools and solutions to facilitate homeschooling

  • Develop tools to facilitate self-isolation

  • Connecting helpers with helpees in hyper-local communities (errands, shops, services)​

  • Platform-based tool to detect lack of physical activity among home office workers with tips to stimulate movement

  • A platform for exchange of medical professionals, services and goods

  • In order to support medical institutions and hospitals a Swiss platform similar to coronasolidarity.org but localized on Switzerland would help to connect qualified personel with organizations where they are most needed.


  • Tools helping the tourism industry especially hotels and restaurants to communicate short-term changes in service and business models to their customers in the area (e.g. open for takeaway, corona-isolation offerings etc.)

  • Platforms where tourism players can offer package deals together with other organizations from the industry in order to secure future turnover.

  • Automation solutions to help tourism businesses in the post-corona booming phase to scale fast and to cope with a sudden surge in demand.

Find more challenges and topics on https://airtable.com/shrPm5L5I76Djdu9B


Data & Resources

constantly supplemented

Hack for Wuhan

#WirVsVirus Hackathon

Data Repository by Johns Hopkins

Open Source Know-How

White House Dataset

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) by Microsoft Research

COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge

Crowdbreaks Data

COVID-19 Cases Switzerland

COVID-19 case numbers communicated by official Swiss Canton's and FL's sources

Swiss Hospital Data

Swiss Federal Railways Data

Open Data City of Zurich

Zurich Tourism Open Data

Reddit Resources

Nth Opinion

World Health Organization App

European CDC Data

ACAPS Resources

Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution

COVID Tracker

COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics

NVIDIA Parabricks Genomics Analysis Toolkit

Electricity Generation, Transportation and Consumption Data

COVID-19 API Initiative

Facebook API & SDK

Proximity Tech to fight COVID-19 by Uepaa

Scandit SDK

For barcode, text and ID document scanning capabilities


Swiss Radio and Television API

MongoDB’s flexible data model

Go and try it for free at https://cloud.mongodb.com and if you require more credits, please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/R4zLtWurWkNFMozq9

IBM Cloud and Watson APIs

Postman COVID-19 API Resource Center

Google Maps, Cloud and G Suite

Fossilo.com - Daily Archives of COVID-19 relevant pages


About HackZurich

Founded 2014, HackZurich has rapidly developed into Europe’s largest and most prestigious hackathon. A total of 600 international participants are selected from more than 5000 applications from more than 70 countries. Over the course of 40hours participants will work in teams to develop highly innovative prototypes for web, mobile, desktop and hardware applications. HackZurich 2020 will be happening on September 18-20 in Zurich, Switzerland. You can find more information on www.hackzurich.com and www.digitalfestival.ch

Code of Conduct: https://hackcodeofconduct.org/


Initiator & Partner

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We thank our partner for their generous support. Reach out to us to contribute as a partner.

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